About Us

Parham Chapel Minister’s & Laymen’s Churches Inc. is headquartered at 326-30 South 52nd Street, Philadelphia PA. Our goal is simple to continue to be a “soul saving station”, better yet a refuge to those whom are broken and have yet to find the love and compassion which only comes from knowing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For over sixty years our church has worked with various ministers and friends to continue to be an active part of the advancement of the Christian Kingdom. Many of our efforts have brought us into a beautiful place of God’s favor and we only hope to continue to know his love as we plant seeds to enhance our church’s future.

Our current ministerial focus is the “Dandelion” which grows as of any other plant, yet i full maturity it’s seeds are cast far and wind. The seeds of the dandelion find good soil and grow, allowing opportunity for more seeds and more flowers. Our hope is that by the favor of God we are able to move forward in casting seeds and empowering others to do the same by the perfect will of God.

We are always involved in finding others to help this amazing work be done. There is no cost to become a friend of Jesus nor to work in his vineyard, all that we ask is a willing spirit, a love for others ad an attitude that acknowledges “falling is only the moment before you get back up”. Your presence is ALWAYS welcome. Please join us as we lift Jesus Christ!

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