You are invited to assist with us to stimulate Christian activities here in Philly.

We are making sacrifices to establish Christian Activities that will develop more fellowship and unity.   This will be accomplished as we put aside personal differences of denominational separations and come together as Christians United for Christ.

Every Saturday at 3:00 beginning in June 2010

We are preparing to invite local talented Christians to utilize their gifts and talents.  This combined effort will be the beginning of restoration.  ONE LORD……ONE FAITH….ONE BAPTISM!

These efforts will also help to exploit your and other’s ministries.  We have the C.U.R.E.

C = Christians

U= United

R = Reaching

E= Elsewhere

All are invited to attend and observe.   If you approve, you are welcome to volunteer with us.


No Fees, No Charge, No Dues….Come without price!

For more information please contact Bishop Melvin L. Rogers – 215.472.1621 or 215.472.6791

Yours in Christian Outreach Services,

Bishop Melvin L. Rogers DD, PhD

Senior Bishop

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